Never trust shared hosting solutions. They generally suck and mean when you have a dead installation of something (maybe even wordpress?) that you're unable to properly recover.

This now sits in the annals of the Microserver where hopefully it will have a little bit more luck.

Moving to Ghost

After reccommendation I've moved from Wordpress to Ghost. Ghost is run on the back of node.js. It doesn't attempt to offer the same things that Wordpress does. But for that reason it's perfect for what i'm attempting to acheive here. Ghost wants to be a blogging site. Wordpress wants to be a "Web Operating System"

when you think about it, we’re kind of building a web operating system.

-Matt Mullenweg

This can be easily compared with the ideology of Ghost. It's plainly pronounced on their main entry to the site.

Just a blogging platform

Well that's what I want.

And thus continues my experiment into the foray of technical blogging. I'm currently creating a writeup of the use of gradle in regards to testing with a focus on Android. I should have it finished in a couple of days.